Bu Clown Car About To Crash


7 Apr 2020.

By Dominic Patten.

where clown car drivers of both parties are at the helm of a clearly crashing caravan of state and a loose relationship with.

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3 Aug 2016.

Over the past 50 years, Australian car buyers have been treated to some.

Initially powered by a pathetic 1.6-litre engine and later by an equally pathetic 1.8 , the car was slow,

With front and rear lights looking like a sad clown, all of the models.

Worse still was its pathetic two-star ANCAP crash rating.

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22 Mar 2019.

The crash occurred at around 6.30am in the north Dublin area.

Man (60s) and woman (30s) killed in two-car crash in Dublin. The crash occurred at around 6.30 am in the north.

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Are you seriously saying the roads in Ireland are well policed??? Clown. Open your eyes.