Will 2017 Bring An End To Bitcoin’s Great Scaling Debate?

We weighed in late last year (see WILTW September 7, 2017), concluding the.

To be clear, we fall neither on the disbeliever nor evangelist side of the debate. Bitcoin is not a “scam”, as JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon infamously claimed, nor is it.

As he indicates, “greater perceived safety” is the next step from where we are.

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19 Jul 2015.

Ending the bitcoin vs blockchain debate.

I'll do my best to stick to English but still, this is technical stuff, and there's no avoiding it.

One person can take over a million computers and decide how they vote, thus seizing.

Scaling blockchains with off-chain data · R3 Corda: Deep dive and technical review.

14 Aug 2017.

At the end of July, some of the people who wanted Bitcoin to expand quickly broke off and.

Bringing 'Normal People' to Sexy, Soundtracked Life.

week to proceed with SegWit, and it is that agreement, on scaling the network, that is.

“ The scaling debate has certainly been holding the Bitcoin price back.

Bitcoin Scaling Debate - Big Blocks, Hard Fork - Roger Ver, Phil Potter, Petrov, Lombrozo - Dec 2016Rethink the news: Reducing news to hard lines and side-taking leaves a lot of the story untold. Progress comes from.

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For Bitcoin, it will mark the point at which Segwit finally moves to active, bringing.

that 58 signatories had agreed on a way to end Bitcoin's 'scaling debate'.

9 Mar 2018.

The best mining sites were the old fruit warehouses—the basin is as famous for its.

has become, even these operations will soon be considered small-scale.

during 2017, when the price of a single bitcoin jumped from $1,000 to more.

By the end of 2018, according to some estimates, miners here could.

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9 Mar 2018.

The best mining sites were the old fruit warehouses — the basin is as.

has become, even these operations will soon be considered small-scale.

By the end of 2017, even with the rapidly rising difficulty, the per-bitcoin cost for basin.

sparking a prolonged, public debate over this new industry's impact on.