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Ti 10" 600W Dual 2-Ohm Subwoofer TI310D2. Sold Out.

Ti 12" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer TI312D4. Sold Out.

TI 800W Monoblock Amplifier – Phoenix Gold · TI 800W Monoblock Amplifier TI2800.1. Sold Out · TI 2000W Monoblock Amplifier – Phoenix Gold. TI 2000W.

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Buy Phoenix Gold Vehicle GPS, Audio & In-Car Technology and get.

phoenix gold TI powercore XL aluminium 15 farad capacitor NEW for.

Dit monster is 3" spreekspoel welke is ontworpen als een geventileerde titanium/ aluminium Hybrid, dit maakt hem extreem licht, stijf en staat vermogens toe van.

Make Offer – Phoenix Gold RX2 Series 4 Channel 400 Watt Amplifier RX2 400.4 Class A/B Amp Old School PHOENIX GOLD QX 2350 2 Channel Amplifier with Code Rare C $278.87

2 Oct 2007.

6 Phoenix Gold 12" Titanium Elite 1200 watt rms woofers. 3 Rockford Fosgate T20001BD 2000 watt rms amplifiers. 3 AlphaCell Gel 180.

I have received many questions about Phoenix Gold capacitors leaking, and I have replaced them on many amplifiers for myself and for others. The procedure to replace them is not all that hard, but requires basic soldering skills, and some patience. I use Nichicon UHE1C562MHD6 capacitors for nearly all my replacements. You can buy them online from Digikey with the part number 493-1543-ND

The Titanium subwoofer was developed from the ground up to compliment the amazing performance of Phoenix Gold's Titanium amplifiers. Utilizing cutting edge.

JL Audio 1000/v2 vs Phoenix Gold Titanium Elite 12dRe: Phoenix Gold Titanium 900.7 amp. I took apart the amp you brought in last week and diagnosed the problem to the DC to DC converter circuit. The amplifier section is O.K. The last technician that worked on it had replaced 5 surface mount transistors which are all burnt up. I noticed that the part #'s of transistors he had replaced do not.